Top 5 ways you can potentially add thousands to your bottom line. 


1. Are You Charging the Real Market Rent?

A complete market survey is completed to recommend right-pricing of your units on an amenity-based pricing model to maximize your net revenues, without any need for capital investment.


2. Under-Performing Asset or Company? We can help with a Confidential Management Audit Includes a review of:

Financial Performance: a complete and in-depth analysis of income, expenditures, and a detailed review of service contracts and vendor pricing to find opportunities to reduce costs and increase your net operating income.

Staffing Structures: Examine current responsibilities, staffing levels, processes and procedures to detect inefficiencies and recommend simplification and streamlining of work flows and implementation of appropriate technology to enhance team productivity.


3. Successful Repositioning and Lease-up Strategies

Formulation of, and guidance down a critical path specific to your asset that will revitalize and/or re-purpose your investment to its highest and best use – and best returns!


4. Your Right-Hand for Project Management and Construction:
  • Closely monitor all major renovation activities to ensure that your visions become reality.
  • Capital Expenditures – negotiation and tendering of major projects
  • Renovations and Retrofits are handled professionally and respectfully with resident-occupied buildings.
  • Supervision of trades and suppliers with extensive experience in monitoring and overseeing all projects including those involving third party and general contractors.
  • Liaise with engineers, architects and contractors in the investigation and testing of all aspects of potential building deficiencies and hazardous conditions.
  • All communications, vendor to vendor, vendor to client, client to vendor, including site meetings, may be directed through us to ensure effective coordination of manpower, consistency, accountability, and ensure adherence to the approved plans and budget.
  • Confirm that all work is conducted within the legislated requirements as a landlord.


5. Be Sure What Looks Good on Paper, Works Well in Reality! Major Renovation and New Construction Design Consulting

Recognizing a functional design flaw or poor choice of materials prior to construction avoids costly work- arounds once the property is operating. We will evaluate the operational functionality of design of the conceptual drawings and provide recommendations to designers and architects on various aspects including:

  • choice of amenities
  • parking logistics and management
  • security controls and monitoring
  • unit floor plan layout
  • floor plate layout,
  • attractive yet practical choices of finishes


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