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Clear Stone Asset Consulting Inc.

Clear Stone Asset Consulting is a boutique company specializing in multi family and commercial real estate, consulting, mentoring and training.  In partnership, Allan Carr, RPA, ACCI, and Chrystal Skead, CPM®, ARM®, Licensed Associate, have created Clear Stone to offer our combined experience of over 65 years. Owner/investors looking for a high level of expertise, professionalism, and ethical stewardship of their properties, put their concerns aside knowing they can have confidence in Clear Stone to mitigate problems and risk, maximize cash flows, and enhance the value of their assets.

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Private Mentorship

Utilize our expertise and decades of experience for your benefit.  Confidential one-on-one mentoring can provide a depth of perception on formulating your business strategies.

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Targeted Training and Talent Development

Get your talent up to full productivity without compromising the productivity of your veteran staff.  We provide residential management training to suit the needs of your team.

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Meet Allan Carr

Allan Carr, RPA, ACCI

  • founder and President of Clear Stone Asset Consulting Inc.
  • over 30 years’ experience in managing multifamily, commercial and retail portfolios
  • was the Senior Vice President of the largest privately held residential rental property holder in Alberta and the Northwest Territories for 18 years
  • was responsible for property management, leasing, development, disposition, acquisition, and asset management.
  • has been accountable for more than $4 Billion in assets.

Industry Memberships and Licensing:

  • Real Property Administrator (RPA), 1992 BOMI Canada
  • Accredited through the Canadian Condominium Institute (ACCI), CCI
  • Registered Real Estate Broker in the Province of Alberta

Volunteer Leadership Positions:

  • Edmonton Apartment Association Board
  • BOMA Edmonton Board
  • Edmonton Downtown Development Board
  • Canadian Condominium Institute Board, Northern Alberta

Meet Chrystal Skead

Chrystal Skead, CPM®, ARM®, Licensed Associate

  • Over 30 years’ experience managing multifamily, condominium and mixed used properties
  • Portfolios consisted of properties in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario
  • Created a sustainable operating platform, establishing everything from job descriptions, training programs, customer service training to policies and procedures.
  • Built a residential management division in a national commercial management company from grass roots to 4,000 units in 3 years, in 4 provincial jurisdictions


Industry Memberships, Licensing and Qualifications:

  • Licensed Real Estate Associate in the Province of Alberta
  • Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), REIC/IREM 1990
  • Certified Property Manager (CPM), REIC/IREM 2000
  • Certificate in Adult Continuing Education, with Distinction, University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, 2006
  • Certified Instructor for the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), 2010


Volunteer Leadership Positions:

  • Edmonton Apartment Association Board
  • Edmonton REIC Chapter President
  • IREM Regional Vice President (Canada)
  • REIC National President
  • Calgary REIC Chapter President
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Contact Us

Chrystal Skead, CPM, ARM
(403) 998-2456


Allan Carr, RPA, ACCI, Broker
(587) 830-4066